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I never meant to hurt anyone throughout my life. I try and avoid it as much as possible, but maybe it is inevitable. Regardless I am sorry to anyone I’ve ever hurt in my life. Whether it was just the heat of the moment or me being stubborn I’m sorry 

pure nostalgia with this song.

havent been on tumblr in a while so I went back and read some old posts. I realized that this is what tumblr is about. To one day go back on all your writing and see how much you’ve progressed. To go back and remember all the highs and rememeber all the lows and learn from all the experiences you had.

8 April, 2011

-gained mad weight been so lazy lately

+excited for the future. (weird)

this song is awesome. greyson chance is awesome and so is justin beiber.

November 24, 2010.

Talked to my Mom like she was my friend. Was weird and nice at the same time.

Planning something special for someone special.

nothing really bad happened today

i don’t know what kind of feeling this song brings up in me. it’s a girly song, but im not gay. This song is for all the things I cant have in life, yet life is still okay.

November 20, 2010.

spent a whole day trying to forget some hurt. let’s just say it was a fail.

imagined a white christmas coming soon  

haven’t listened to david crowder band in so long. this song really brings up the emotion of being sad and happy at the same time. the music video just adds to that effect. beautiful

November 17, 2010

First day of Varsity Swim. CAPTAIN!! i feel like the shit right now lmao its gonna be a good year.

My mom always brings up comments on how she thinks it would be better if she just left our family. she also says to my 1 year old sister that if she doesnt love her, than my mom wont love her either. i mean its just cause my sister cries sometimes around her and my mom overreacts. shes just a baby, and so is my sister.

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